Making your Home More “Homey”

Having a home which seems very inviting to guests and makes them not wanting to leave your place is also inviting for you, too. Being able to create a home atmosphere that is very welcoming may not be easy as always because most people have their own preferences when it comes to interior designs, but here are some general tips that will help you attract your visitors.

Let your front door start the magic. The weather may be harsh outside the door. Either it be the snow that is tough for everyone or the sun the dries up our skin. Either be so; let the welcome mat does the wonders! Let the mat tells your visitors that they are welcome inside just before they enter in. Don’t forget the cute signs on the front door which really do the trick. We are all guilty on these cute stuffs. You can also add greens inside, on the right side of your front door to give your guests a natural and peaceful look as they enter in.

Play with colors. Why not paint your farthest wall across your front door in a bold accent color to add fun and catch the attention of your guests? The first view of your home to your guests would leave a lingering impression. If perhaps they have seen a lot of marvelous pieces of arts on different corners of your house, or just the combination of colors that you painted on your wall, this would leave them something that they will not forget. You can even have your fans unconsciously because of your interior design.

Mix and match.  Do not forget that a big, generous, soft chair is perfect to be a reading spot! Mix furniture that is different but unique. Just always consider in which activity you would be using them to achieve 100% comfort, enjoyment, and style inside your home during your leisure time.

Invite Nature. Take in with you some greenery to welcome freshness and peace inside your home. This is to give your home a more natural look and not as formal as it usually seems. They do not just add details to your interior; it does also give you cleaner air to breath!

Make your signature furniture piece. It would amaze many if you would buy expensive stuffs for your home; but it is more striking if a beautiful piece is made by you. It doesn’t just appeal to others eyes and interest but it also adds up to the feeling of ownership; that your house is yours and is not a copy of other’s home design.

Sprinkle good smell in the air. Do not let stinks linger your homey air. Always get rid of the odor by grabbing some fragrant plants that would make the smell more natural or if it’s caused by something else, like rotten food, or your pet’s p*ss, make sure to always clean them.